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What if carnival is cancelled?


If carnival is cancelled before 1 May 2020, we will refund your deposits. If an announcement is made after this time your payments, balance and costume will be rolled to the new date. 


I've booked, haven't received confirmation?


You will receive instant confirmation. Please allow up to 24-48hrs to receive confirmation and please also check your spam. 


What if I'm struggling to pay?


We have spread out our payment deadlines to hopefully ensure everyone can meet them. If you are having specific issues please contact one of the team at before your payment is due. 


What if I gave you the wrong sizing?


All masqueraders are responsible for ensuring they give the correct details. 


What is the difference between all inclusive and non inclusive?


All inclusive = drinks and lunch will be provided. You will receive a tropical fusion cup, drinks will only be served in this.


On Carnival Sunday all t-shirt packages are non inclusive this means no food or drink will be provided. 


On Carnival Monday you have the option, all inclusive includes drinks and lunch and once again non inclusive means no food or drink will be provided. Once all inclusive packages are sold out- that's that.


All masqueraders (costume players) will be all inclusive on Carnival Monday.


Can you post me my items?


T-shirt packages can be posted at an extra cost and will require a signature however due to delicate nature of costumes this will not be possible.


Can someone else collect if i can't make mas camp?


Someone can collect your package on your behalf (we strongly advise all masqueraders to attend in person) they will need your confirmation and to have written confirmation from you stating this (for t-shirt and costume packages).


Can I collect my package from the truck on carnival morning?


Absolutely no packages can be collected from the truck.

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